Pamela Searcy Artist in Yakima

Pamela Searcy Artist in YakimaPamela Searcy Artist in Yakima

About Me


Pamela Searcy

The Artist has traveled in England and Italy, photographed beautiful landscapes, buildings and people and works from her photographs and live models to create her paintings and sculpture.


A native of Washington State, Pamela Searcy grew up in Central Washington where her family owned orchards on the Yakima Indian Reservation. Drawing and painting were her favorite adventures as a child and she continued her interest in art studying Design, Drawing, Painting, Sculpture and Art history at Seattle University and the University of Washington.

After completing under graduate and graduate degrees from Seattle University, Pamela taught elementary school and then art at Inglemoor High School. With the demands of three small children the Artist was busy at home for several years, keeping up with her artistic interests as time allowed. Now that the children have completed their university degrees, the Artist is enjoying a new freedom to arrange her interests around a life long love of artistic expression.  

Escaping the Nest

My Medium

I work with different mediums, such as Oil Painting, Acrylic Painting, Bronze Sculpture, Book Making, Jewelry Design, Drawing and Clay.  Ideas manifest their own individual style. Artist in Yakima


My Inspiration

Pamela Searcy paints in the Impressionistic Style working from her personal photographs and drawings, adding a new perspective to the scenes that we pass by every day. Utilizing a dramatic range of vibrant natural and blended colors the artist’s composition and design demonstrate a unique and specific fascination with the visual interaction and tension between positive and negative space.